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LawyerPrepared is a LAW FIRM. The lawyers who started LawyerPrepared were worried about the numerous forms and products that are sold by legal self-help websites and people who are not lawyers! Many of those legal self-help products left their unwary consumers worse off in the end. LawyerPrepared is a law firm that provides efficient and tailored legal services to individuals, families, businesses, and organizations throughout the United States – for the same cost of those risky self-help websites. Let LawyerPrepared give you the peace of mind that comes with the education and experience of practicing attorneys.



Our Easy-to-Use Service


File from homeWe combine the efficiency of a self-help website with the confidence that comes from a licensed attorney’s tailored preparation of the legal products that are right for you. There’s no need to waste hours of your time by traveling to a law office and paying for a lawyer’s time in gathering your personal information.  Our clients provide their information online at their convenience, receive individualized attorney representation, and e-file through our secure website and personal email correspondence. This simple and innovative process saves our clients money and time.

Other services are only do-it-yourself websites that provide a computer-generated form that may not be right for you. LawyerPrepared is a law firm. The most significant business and life decisions requires the special knowledge and attention that only a licensed attorney can provide.



Our Products and Services



LawyerPrepared assists with a number of legal and e-file services including business formation, wills and trusts, promissory notes and securities, gun trusts, government relations, trademarks and intellectual property, nonprofit organizations, real estate leases, and registered agent services.

For instance, our clients will incorporate their businesses by following a step-by-step tutorial with attorney instruction and guidance before e-filing the required documents with the state of their choice. Our e-filing service is quick and secure. Because our specialized attorneys and paralegals do an in-depth review of the information and e-file the documents themselves, our clients can have the peace of mind that their business was correctly incorporated. Our unique approach ensures that incorporated and newly-formed businesses comply with state law, getting our clients off to the right start, in the right type of business.

Our Credentials

We are licensed attorneys with specific knowledge and experience in the legal products and services we provide in your state. Many of our lawyers have sophisticated law firm experience, have published numerous articles, and have been keynote speakers in our fields of practice.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our clients and we understand their unique demands. With LawyerPrepared, we won’t waste your time by forcing you to search for forms or documents through a maze of unfamiliar territory. Instead, we will efficiently lead you through the process of accomplishing your legal goals, whatever they might be.

At LawyerPrepared, we incorporate a fluid and affordable approach with proven attorney experience so that you can accomplish your objectives. Regardless of where you live in the United States, let LawyerPrepared help you today.



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“Legal Prepared provides legal counseling and legal document work for my business. They have worked on some critical agreements including a business sale contract. I have used other attorneys in the past but have found Legal Prepared to be extremely knowledgeable, conscientious and cost-effective.”

Dennis: American, UT

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